Sigma Alpha’s Abroad!

The People’s Republic of China, or the land of fried rice … whichever you prefer!

Four sisters in the Alpha Omega Chapter at Kansas State University went to China as part of a class, ASI660. Sarah Jane Abatti, myself (Robin Kleine), Jara Settles & Cassie Silveira, prepared for an entire semester before their 13-hour flight over the Pacific and an 11-day journey immersed in Eastern culture. We started in Beijing, then traveled to Xian, Jinan, Suzhou and finally Shanghai.

We learned a few key words and phrases, like NO (boo), YES (shay), THANK YOU (shay shay), HELLO (ni hao) and UNITED STATES (may gwuh). These came in handy, especially at restaurants! Unfortunately we could never really master how to say SOY SAUCE …

This was an agricultural study tour, headed by two faculty members in the KSU Department of Animal Sciences and Industry. Therefore we spent half of our time doing tourist-y things like The Great Wall, The Imperial Garden, Nanjing Road, etc., and the other half touring feedlots, slaughterhouses, tea farms and soybean processing plants.

Besides the experience of a lifetime, we also earned three credit hours and have thousands of pictures collectively to show our friends, families and later children and grandchildren!

Sarah Jane poses with a huge cloissone urn. Cloissone is a kind of pottery made from copper and enamel, still done by hand by artisans in China.

 A sample of Chinese cuisine, a dumpling shaped like a duck and filled with duck meat, spices and veggies.

 Here I’m posing on a boat ride around the canal system in Suzhou. Suzhou is often called the “Venice of the East.”

 Yu Gardens in Shanghai, a 450-year old example of a fine classical garden. Classical gardens focus on rocks, trees, ponds and classic architecture. If you look closely you can see some of the colorful koi in the ponds!



By Robin Kleine


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