Missouri River Floods

This summer, Mother Nature feels like showing the Midwest just how powerful she really is.

The devastating Missouri River floods continue to cause distress to citizens and farmers in the area. Towns are being evacuated, farmers are loosing massive acres of crops due to the high water, and agribusiness is struggling to maintain operations and logistics.

Although stationed in Kansas City this summer, away from the floods, I have seen the affect these floods are having on agribusiness. As an intern at The Scoular Company, one of my responsibilities is truck logistics. The drivers are constantly concerned about the affects of the flood, and how it will affect their mileage and operations.  Furthermore, elevators, ethanol plants, and other agribusinesses have to close their doors until the water level decreases. This problem is not only frustrating, but is cutting into everyone’s revenues.

Today at work, I was looking at the pictures from the flooding—shocking. My heart goes out to every person who is feeling the distress caused by the magnitude of water. Please keep the people in the flooded areas in your hearts and on your minds.

This farmstead is completely surrounded by water. It breaks my heart to imagine the damage.

I-29 and railroad tracks completely covered in water.

Flooding by Omaha

8.1 million gallons per second go through at Gavin's Point Spillway

You can see where the river usually is, and how much it has spread out

An example of how agribusiness is affected

What should be green corn fields

By Beth Holz


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