Land Prices Around the Globe

As I have mentioned before, I love reading blogs, especially blogs about my passion, agriculture. A blog I follow,, had this chart comparing land prices in different countries. I thought this was very interesting, and wanted to share it.

Agriculture is now a global industry. What happens in the industry across seas, effects farmers and consumers here in the U.S. Land prices that vary from country to country can affect markets and domestic farmers. In order for farmers to do business today, they need to stay informed about what the industry is doing in all parts of the world.

This makes me reflect on my background a bit. My family started raising cattle and crops four generations ago. It was a typical homestead then, milking cows, chickens, pigs, gardens, and horses. It was a farm that had a little of everything. What was on the farm sustained the family with what they needed to eat, with a little extra to form a livelihood. Now our farm has changed, the old hog barn is for storage. The vegetable garden is grass. The horse stalls in the barn have been removed, and now there is more room to provide shelter for the feedlot cattle. The upper level of the barn no longer holds small square hay bails, instead we hire someone to bail much larger bails for us.  Many sheds which hosted a variety of species now hold high tech tractors or have been removed from the farm. Agriculture for my family is not only a way of life, or a way to sustain ourselves,  but a business. It has been essential for my family to stay informed with what the industry is doing on both a domestic and international level.

Until next time,

Beth Holz


Country: Price per Acre: Land Description: Price change last year: Type of Risk:
New Zealand $9,312 Dairy Farms -3% Economic
England $8,907 Average all land types +13%  
United States $6,478 Quality dryland
in cornbelt states
+8% Economic
Argentina $6,072 Buenos Aires Province    
Canada $5,100 Ontario province    
Brazil $4,858 Top sugar cane land in Sao Paulo +24% Political, Economic
Brazil $2,834 Dryland double-cropping in
Mato Grosso
+20% Political, Economic
Uruguay $2,800-3,600 good farmland, with easy access to the transport system    
Brazil $2,429 Dryland double-cropping in
west Bahia
+6% Political, Economic
Argentina $2,024-$4,049 Central provinces +10% Political, Economic
Poland $1,842-$3,289 Price dependent on size of holding 0%  
Australia $1,200-2,800 best wheat producing land    
Australia $648-$688 Dryland arable with reliable rainfall +2% Economic, Climate
Romania $631-$1,315 Price dependent on size of holding 0%  
Canada $526 Saskatchewan province +7%  
Argentina $486-$1,012 Northern provinces +10% Political, Economic
Zambia $405-$607 Long Leasehold   Political, Climate
Russia $121-$405 Price dependent on size of holding and progress of freehold application -10% Economic, Political
Brazil $121 Native bush with high cattle potential in Para +11% Political, Economic
Ukraine $61-142 5-10 year lease rights 0% Economic, Political, Climate

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