Extremes–A Farmers Challenge

It has often been said in agriculture that weather is the biggest challenge, and there are some ways we can overcome the problems it poses. Irrigation pivots in our fields to water our crops and shade cloths in large dairy operations protect our cows from the harsh sun, but we can’t always stop Mother Nature.

According to this latest report, 11.8% of the country is in a D4 Drought (the highest ranking). This is CRAZY when we just talked about the extreme flooding in the upperMidwest.

The map seen here (http://www.cattle.com/read.aspx?id=763) shows some type of drought in at least 20 states across theUnited States. Those most severely affected include:Texas,Oklahoma,Kansas,New MexicoandLouisiana.

This hits home for many of our Alpha Omega members, especially those from farming and ranching backgrounds inSouthwest Kansas.

Because of the lack of moisture, crops are unable to grow. This poses a challenge for ranchers depending on feedstuffs and hay for their cattle and sheep, and makes it impossible for farmers to produce this much needed grain. In fact, I just got done reading an article onTexascattlemen selling as much as 50% of their herd in preparation for the higher feed costs with less than abundant supply of grains and grasses. (Guess it’s a blessing that cattle prices are decent)

Even wildfires pose a threat, as one was close toSatanta,KSearlier this spring.

I think we can agree that we need to simultaneously pray for rain and sunshine. Fingers crossed thatAmerica’s farm families can overcome these challenges!

… Thanks Mother Nature, NOT!



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