Say Cheese……

Sigma Alpha's show off the Tough Enough to Wear Pink shirts from the 2009 campaign. Every year, Sigma Alpha and Collegiate Cattle women sell these t-shirts to raise beaucoup bucks for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Sigma Alpha's, Robin Kleine and Kaylonni Williams participate in the showmanship contest, The Little American Royal. Students across the K-State College of Agriculture put in many hours working with animals to prepare for the show.

Girls get together for a picture up on the giant "A" overlooking Manhattan, Kansas in 2008. Super Sisterhood Day, is a day for the girls of Sigma Alpha to spend quality time, just getting to know each other better and have fun as friends. It is a tradition to gather here for a picture. Does anyone know who started this tradition? A power clap at chapter for whoever can answer that question, a second for the person who thought of the idea.

By Beth Holz


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