July 4, North Dakota Style

As the holiday weekend approaches us, I’m sure many of you have some sort of traditions in your hometown. The 4th of the July in the Mandan/Bismarck area is like a Christmas Extravaganza. There are many events going on including: Art in the Park (which I will explain later), the legendary Mandan Rodeo Days and the annual parade. There are so many events going on from the 2nd through the 4th that it gets challenging to decipher which events you should attend. Art in the Park is an event where over 150 vendors come to Mandan, in the hopes of selling anything from food to clothing, to home décor to jewelry. It’s an event you will find numerous people from a variety of states selling their items.

The Mandan Rodeo Days are known as “A Cowboy Christmas.”

The Rodeo has many first-time rodeo attendees, a variety of contestants from around the nation, and a jam packed night full of entertainment. This rodeo has its usual comical rodeo clown but nothing beats the chuck wagon races or the One Armed Bandit and Co. stunt.  Although dangerous, the chuck wagon races are quite the act. There are some racers that turn their horses too sharp and the horses go one way and wagon the other.

Furthermore, the One Armed Bandit and Co. performs acts that are hardly ever seen of. If you have the time, please check out their website. This family trains their horses to do amazing things like rounding up buffalo atop a livestock trailer or using dogs to round up creachers that you normally don’t see in the rodeo arena.

Lastly, the July 4th rodeo is a special night as it’s the largest fireworks display and coronation of the Mandan Rodeo Queen and Princess. These fireworks burst so loud into the sky that they make your heart flutter. Overall, the 4th of July is an event you don’t want to miss. It’s an occasion that’s jam-packed full of great people and nothing but a great experience. I wish you all a Happy 4th of July!

 By Natalie Laubner


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