School’s Out For Summer……NOT!

I'm taking summer classes, to get that hat----and diploma!

Who would want to give up their fun in the sun or choose not to spend their summer with an exciting internship to take summer classes? THIS GIRL —I have graduation on my mind! Which is why I am taking summer classes. I have learned plenty already from this experience, and I still get to enjoy most of summer after they are over.

How? Well summer session offers various classes. They are between 2 and 8 weeks long. This summer I chose to take two – four week classes and one – two week class … all at the same time! My life lesson, it is hard work, plus I worked during this time!

Here are my tips if you are considering this option in the future.

2 Week classes (also known, as an Intersession Class):

       -They are 4 hours long! Every day! That’s right, 20 hours of the same class a week! That is a long time to sit and concentrate; luckily you get a few breaks to stretch!
       -There is an abundant amount of information taught each day, usually multiple chapters wrapped up into one day.
       -If you have a good teacher, (I did!) he/she will make jokes and tell stories, anything to help pass the time.
       My Tip: If you want to take this type of a fast paced class, prepare to give up hours each night to do projects/readings/study. Also, you should have the ability to focus for long times and sit still.

4 Week classes:

       -Only 2 hour class period, everyday.
       -While there are still multiple chapters covered each week, there is more time for homework and/or questions during class.
       -Prepare yourself to do some kind of homework or reading every night. Also, allow time to study for the tests, you have one once a week.
       -Easier to maintain other activities and/or work.
       My Tip: If you want to take this type of summer class, I would highly recommend it! You don’t have to sit in classes you need out of the way for 8 or 16 weeks, and you still have a lot of the summer left for other fun activities. Also, if you are not good at retaining information or test taking, this is mighty helpful because you have a test once a week and it is over the information you just covered without the gaps in the school year for you to forget.

I may have rushed through my classes and still maintained a job to get done, BUT I get to enjoy the rest of summer, I am glad I took summer classes.

My suggestion if you want to work or do some kind of other summer activity is take a 4 week class. I encourage those who are “discouraged” to take summer classes … they really aren’t that bad! And remember there are always classes offered online if you are trying to manage classes while doing that internship or any other busy summer fun!

Until next time—Keep Smiling!  


By Deanna Patterson


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