Texas Cattle Dying from Too Much Water

 More than 90% of Texas is in the worst 2 stages of drought. As if that wasn’t hard enough to handle, cattle in Texas are struggling even more.

 An article on beefmagazine.com, with comments from Dr. Robert Sprowls of the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory in Amarillo, outlines the basics.

 Typically, a cow on grass will drink approximately 9 gallons of water/day. But when cattle are moved to in these scorching temperatures to new pastures, and thus new water sources, they drink too much water too fast. This is called water intoxication, and cows die within minutes, near their stock tanks, because all of that H20 disrupts their electrolyte balance in their cells.

 There are also other problems in the stock tank for Texas cattlemen, like water quality.

“Water quality can indirectly affect performance and health by reducing water consumption which exacerbates heat stress and can lead to water intoxication once cattle locate or can access palatable water.”

 This all just seems like an awful chain of events … poor water quality to heat stress to water intoxication … then death. Whoa.

 These farmers and ranchers are working hard already, now this will just add some more stress to their lives.

 Keep these guys in your prayers!


 Read the whole article at:


By Robin Kleine


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