Beth’s Internships

I am entering my senior year atKansasStateUniversity, and here in a few months, I am going to be starting the job search. Ask me if I am scared?! I am beyond nervous, there are so many questions–Will I find a job? What kind of job will I enjoy? Will they pay me well? What kind of pay would I accept? Where do I want to live?—the list continues to grow as each day passes.

 Despite my nervousness, I have been lucky to have several internships to help me get my foot in the door, and to give me experience in a professional environment. I would recommend that a college student participates in  as many internships and jobs in the industry as they can. I know that the experience and networking I have gained from these opportunities will help with the job search.

 I would love to share with all of you what I spent the last three summers doing:

Summer 2009: AIB International

 AIB International is located inManhattan,Kansas, and they are an organization that serves the baking industry in four different sectors. They do food safety audits, research and engineering projects food safety education, and they have a baking school. As their summer intern, I worked in the research department. I would run multiple tests on wheat and flour. I learned a lot about the baking industry and the variety of jobs that one can perform. We had “big name” clients, so being able to see the research involved in food I buy at the grocery store or at a restaurant was very interesting.

Summer 2010: Kansas Soybean Commission

 The Kansas Soybean Commission is located inTopeka,Kansas, and they are a check-off funded organization with a mission to promote and support all aspects of the soybean industry. As their communications intern, I attended meetings across theU.S.with other commodity groups from different states. I assisted with the planning and coordinating of promotional events, while also getting the opportunity to discuss soybeans with the public.  Furthermore I was able to write and help develop promotional materials about the many different uses of soybeans.

Summer 2011: The Scoular Company

 The Scoular Company is located inOverland Park,Kansasand is a grain and agricultural marketing company. I work in the renewable fuels sector, with the distiller grain group as a merchandising intern. With this internship, I have been able to be submersed in the trading process by being included in the domestic, exports, rail, and logistics aspects of our group . My main responsibility is helping logistics to our clients inArkansas,Oklahoma, andMissouri. Furthermore, I help with information communication by updating spreadsheets that the traders use on a regular basis. Being on the trade floor has taught me so much about how a job such as merchandising works, and the skill sets needed to succeed in that type of business.

If anyone has any questions about these internships, please feel free to get in touch with me.


Beth Holz

By Beth Holz


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