Kansas to Connecticut

Greetings everyone! For those of you who don’t know I accepted a 6 month internship with Pepperidge Farm. I am a product developer on the fresh bakery side, which covers all of the bread products. With Pepperidge’s corporate office located in Norwalk, Connecticut I had to pack up and move to the east coast. Since I was born in Kansas and have only left for a short time to go on vacation, I have been going through what some would call a culture shock. I thought I would share with you some of the major differences between Norwalk, CT and Manhattan KS.

Cost of living here is crazy high: My one bedroom apartment that I am temporarily calling home during this adventure costs me $1250 in rent a month. I am sure I could rent the exact same apartment in Manhattan for $500 dollars. Housing isn’t the only thing that is high, so is food. The other day I went to the ever so famous McDonald’s and ordered my favorite value menu.  I had to fork over an extra $2 then I was used to paying in Kansas!

Traffic: I am convinced that all 84,000 people that reside in Norwalk choose to get on the road at the same time! Because of this it makes going anywhere a huge effort. It takes me roughly 10 minutes or more to drive 3 miles. I have also enjoyed the wonderful experience of being stuck in traffic for a long period of time. On my way back from a business trip to took me 5 hours to get home when it should have taken me 3. When I was learning to drive when I was younger I was taught that you should merge to the left lane if someone is merging on to the highway. Apparently that memo didn’t make it out here. People don’t merge over even if there is room for them. This causes the person trying to get on the highway have to come to a complete stop until the driver passes.

Fast pace way of life: Everyone here is in a hurry! I have a story that describes this best. I went to the grocery store for the very first time here. As we all know no grocery store is laid out the same or carries the exact same products. I was browsing the dairy section of the store more specifically the yogurts. When a lady “eh hemmed” me until I moved so she could get her yogurt. I first thought she was not in the happiest of moods.  Until 3 other people did the same thing to me. Another example of this would be the ever so famous car horn. If you do not pull forward the second the light turns green the person behind you is honking. Also, people honk if traffic isn’t moving. As if that will do anything to help.

In spite all of these culture differences I love every minute out here. I plan to keep you all updated on my experiences throughout these next few months.

Until next time!

Kayla Dinkel

By Kayla Dinkel


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