“Is there going to be Tera cake?”

This is a question I find myself asking before every Sigma Alpha celebration or cake-appropriate occasion. Once one eats a Tera cake, no other cake will do.

Tera Rooney, one of our Sigma Alpha Alumni,  found a way to make her hobby profitiable. A younger Tera learned about cake baking and decorating while working, and appreticing, in a local bakery. She has clearly developed her skill, and is one of the best suppliers of cake for our sorority. Somehow, she manges to make these elaborate cakes while going to vet school!

Her agriculture themed cakes are my favorite, and many have been sported at events and college of agriculture weddings.

I know that everytime I try to make a cake from scratch, I end up with lopsided layers and crumbs in my buttercream icing. This is a true art and skill, and I am happy that Tera is an alumni of Sigma Alpha that can share it with us.

If you need a cake, do not be afraid to comment or email us, and I will try my best to get you in touch with Tera. Trust me—her cakes are the very best!



By Beth Holz


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One response to “TERAmisu

  1. You are too sweet! Thank you for posting this. It is an honor to make cakes for my SA sisters!!!!!!!!

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