Giving Back

One of the pillars of Sigma Alpha is Philanthropy.  It’s something that I hold very dear to me. There are many who have helped me, people who didn’t have to, who had no obligation to, yet they were there when I needed. I think everyone can find an example of that person.  I only hope that they I can help someone else in the same way I’ve been helped.

Most of Sigma Alpha’s philanthropy is geared toward an awesome campaign called Tough Enough to Wear Pink. On a national level Sigma Alpha participates in Ag in the Classroom. We also collect and donate supplies to the local women’s shelter. 

Many Sigma Alpha’s participate in a number of volunteer activities. Through the Hands On K-State program, I found two volunteer opportunities for the summer. One was the Read Across America Program and the other for the Math Around Manhattan Program.  Between both programs I spent appoxmently 2 .5 hours four days a week for a month. The reading program is three mornings a week and meant to help elementary aged children keep up with reading skills and prepare them for school the next week. The math program is held once a week, during the summer it is used to help elementary students “catch up” on and prepare for the fallowing school year.  The program is also run during the school year to help students with homework and learning concepts presented in class. 

I enjoyed helping with the program, being able to help them learn something new and seeing them succeed was a great experience.  However it wasn’t without its challenges, mostly children that did not want to listen and students that had learning disabilities. After this experience, I mostly grateful I am not an elementary education major, but I would gladly help again.

I would encourage everyone to keep up with the opportunities available through the Hands on K-State program and find something they enjoy and volunteer!

With EA love,

Megan Brown

By Megan Brown



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