A Part of Something

Being a part of something can be life altering. Sigma Alpha is that something.

Sigma Alpha at Kansas State University was founded on the belief that women in agriculture could be a cohesive group without compromising who they were as individuals. It was the promise of an organization that would embrace women with agriculture backgrounds. It was like minded women, with common interests and goals that could push each other to greatness.

 The charter class of Alpha Omega paved a path for women at Kansas State with opportunity. Sigma Alpha not only provides the resources and tools for a career in the agriculture industry, but provides support in getting there with bonds of friendship.

 This is not just a campus organization to put on a resume. It is a tool that can help shape your future— both professionally and personally— and it doesn’t end after earning a degree. And that’s the best part.

 Life will happen. It is inevitable that those you are with today, you may not be with tomorrow. You will likely take different paths and you may drift apart, but you will always share that sisterhood no matter where life leads. Memories you make now will make you smile nearly 10 years later, and you’ll be proud of your sisters and the paths they’ve all taken—I know I am.

 I’ve had the privilege to know and serve with great women, and I have Sigma Alpha to thank for that.

 I was a part of something big. I just didn’t realize at the time how big it really was.

 Sarah Farlee

Alpha Omega Charter President

Past Kansas State Alumni President

By Sarah Farlee


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