Amazing Things

I want to take a moment and just congratulate our sisters for doing great things! They are all wonderful people, and K-State and Sigma Alpha were LUCKY to have them!

 Julie White is an alumnus, and a native of Missouri. Julie blows my mind with her creativity, and she does all sorts of things well, (including teaching me InDesign in just a few hours.) Now Julie is a grad student at Oklahoma State University studying International Agriculture, and is currently in Sierra Leone doing research and exploring.

For those of you that know Julie (and even if you don’t) Julie is naturally soft-spoken and well put-together, she has the biggest heart … lots of compassion and a real passion for international travel. She is also braver than I am, and is living in a small village, where electricity is limited and people call her “pumuy” or white man/woman.

I invite you to follow her blog at I love following her travels and reading her outlook on life. Julie is an eternally positive person, and I often envy her in many ways!

Please join me in admiring Julie, and maybe say a little prayer for her in her travels.



By Robin Kleine


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