My  is Deanna Patterson, and I am happy to say that this upcoming year I will be Sigma Alpha Alpha- Omega Chapter’s secretary. As a member of the Executive team, I have a lot of idea’s for this year and am excited to start the year. You may be wondering what exactly does the secretary position consist of and it is various responsibilities.

-Record the minutes from every meeting: It is my duty to record what was reported from every officer, advisor, along with new and old business. I will then send a copy of the minutes out to every member so they can review and use the minutes for a reference if need be and also read them before the business meetings begin.

-Record the absences turned in: Each sister must turn in an absence form for meetings that may be missed for various reasons. I will record these absences and keep track of each missed. Each member is only allowed to miss a certain number of meetings and each absence will be discussed before business meetings in the executive meeting to decide if each one will be accepted.

-Send any letter, thank you notes, and check the mail: The typical secretary duties and responsibilities but are still very important for our chapter.

-Keep the list serve updated: Every member is added to a list serve so that emails may be sent to everyone in a timely manner and make it easier to every sister to send those important e-mails to keep in contact.

-Record attendance at meetings: At the beginning of the meeting after the president has called the meeting into session, I will call out roll call and record all of the members present for each chapter meeting.

For this upcoming year, I have one big idea that I would like to see executed and that is having a “Super Sister” recognition every month. This recognition will be given at business meeting to the sister who has contributed the most throughout the past months events. This will be anything from a philanthropy event to fundraising events. I would like to see the ones doing the most for the chapter recognized and rewarded throughout the year. This will also help keep an updated record of the girls attendance and involvement in the chapter.

If you would like more information or have any ideas for me, along with thinking about becoming a future secretary for our chapter feel free to contact me at any time!

Looking forward to a wonderful year!


By Deanna Patterson


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