Alumni Liaison

My name is Beth Holz, and I am this years Alumni Liaison in Sigma Alpha. I decided to take this office, because as a senior, I know many of the alumni, as they were (and still are) my sisters three years ago when I joined as a freshman. This office was formed when I was my freshman year, and through the years, I have thought of ideas to further strengthen this office.

 My responsibility is to bridge the gap between the alumni chapter and the collegiate chapter, and to help nurture the partnerships between alumni and collegiate members. As the chapter continues to grow and become older, we have started to accumulate alumni. Alumni are very important to our chapter, as they are a great resource for advice, friendship, guidance, finances, and networking.

 A few of my goals for the upcoming year:

 Start a blog. In the past, we have used newsletters to get in touch with Alumni. I thought that an online blog would be a better way for alumni to check up on what the chapter is doing. Ideally, every girl will participate with writing and pictures, and alumni can see the diversity of people in our chapter. I want the alumni to see the girls’ personality and interests through the blog, and hopefully reach out to the chapter through it. My goal during the school year is to post three times a week. So far, we have had almost 40 posts, and just under a hundred readers a day.

 Start a twitter.  I want to do this for quick communication with the alumni that have twitter. This actually came in handy at a conference I was at, I was able to meet with an alumnus and join her for lunch at a banquet—all through twitter. Follow us at @ksusigmaalpha

 Start a mentor program. I would like to use the many resources of our alumni, to help active girls network professionally.  I would like to match up active girls and alumni based on their agricultural interests and ambitions. The alumni could offer professional advice and help with networking through quick phone calls or emails. I think it is important to know what alumni and actives are doing, that way we can see sigma alpha girls making their mark in the agricultural industry.

 Have an alumni event. Still working on ideas/details for this one—basically, I would like to have an event where the alumni and actives get together. Suggestions are welcome!

Make cold calls. This is the second reason I decided to take this office. I love to work the phone, and I have spent the last three months making cold calls in my internship, so I find it is one of my strengths. I would like to get all of the alumni contact information up to date with current last names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and occupation. From there, I would like to touch base with alumni through phone calls, mailings, and email.


Beth Holz

By Beth Holz


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  1. The alumni chapter has a blog and would love your contributions.

    Check out

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