Cash Flow

After a year of hassling our EA ladies to sell things and participate in fundraising events, I was more than happy to become the 2011-2012 Treasurer. I was so excited to be the one in charge of managing the finances rather than the one in control of keeping money coming in. This excitement lasted a little while, until I had to pay my first bill as treasurer. It was difficult for me to write a check that was for the same amount of money that we raised on only one of our best fundraisers.

The point I’m trying to make is, when you work hard for your money, it is much more difficult to spend it and you tend to make wiser spending decisions. After a year of being Fundraising Chair, the EA money has a more personal meaning to me. Instead of just balancing our checkbook and paying bills, I take every little bit of money we spend and compare it to how much time and effort we took to make that same amount of money we just spent.

How do I plan on using my new found mindset to my advantage? I don’t, necessarily. But what I would like to do is to begin issuing income statements and balance sheets to all members so we all can see our earning and spending habits. Maybe these statements will help girls gain the same appreciation for our money that I have found as fundraising chair. If all of our ladies can see where our money is going, they can better assist our sorority in making decisions that involve making or spending money. Also, if I have made a mistake somewhere, it could be caught and fixed much faster.

Feel free to give me any extra ideas or input about my suggestion so we can create an efficient way to keep our finances in check and our ladies informed.

Brandy Cleveland

By Brandy Cleveland


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