2nd Vice President

I’m Emily Mashie, and I’m this coming year’s 2nd Vice President! Who would ever have guessed we’d need TWO Vice Presidents, anyway? But I promise my job could be a little more exciting than just being assistant to the assistant manager.

Sisterhood Activities – Our sisterhood activities are a time for the sisters to hang out outside of real-Sigma-Alpha-time that occurs every Wednesday evening with our chapter meetings. This brings the relationships to a more personal level. In the past, these events have included Water Aerobics, hiking the Konza, dinners, craft making, and more!

Membership Candidate Training – I’m most excited for this part. I really value new “blood” in the chapter, as this brings in new ideas, new excitement, and new opportunities. With the “MCs” I receive from Tara’s great work, I’ll begin to educate them on our chapter and it’s history, with creative lessons and exams. This is the time to really pursue the MCs and show them the depth of Sigma Alpha. It’s also a great time to make the newest class

Executive Committee – Executive is the core of the officer team who come together at least once a month to make important decisions of logistics of the chapter. We brainstorm and discuss issues to improve the chapter.

I’m planning on really focusing on sisterhood bonds this semester, especially between current and rookie members. This is key to keeping our chapter as a whole strong, motivated, and active with teamwork. Strong sisterhood or relationships can help individually, as well, with confidence and support coming all the time.

I’m getting pumped to hang out with my sisters this year!

Emily Mashie

By Emily Mashie


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