Activity Carnival

The first few weeks of school is always crazy for returning students. Clubs venture into the competitive environment of finding great new members that share their passions, and recruitment sure does take time.

On Thursday August 25, 2011, the girls participated in the Activity Carnival at Kansas State University to try to attract a new class of MC’s.

The activity carnival is an opportunity for clubs on campus to meet prospective members, and explain to them the value of joining that club. As part of recruitment, Sigma Alpha has a display and representatives.  Interested girls get the opportunity to ask questions, learn about recruitment week, and get to know the active members.

The activity carnival is always a very popular event, which is evident when you try to walk through the union while it is going on. It is a sea of students who are passionate about their education and their organizations. Masses of newcomers, starting fresh in college, looking to get involved and met others, are one of the most refreshing sights to see.

As someone who took a journey to Manhattan from central Iowa, I certainly understand the importance of getting involved, and the true purpose of events like the activity carnival. It is essential to find a group you are passionate about and meet new students and friends. The people in my clubs (and Sigma Alpha) have proven to be unbelievably close. Furthermore, it has connected me to the university; it is not just a place I take classes, but a university I  am invested in.

Seeing students begin to invest time in clubs and activities will help the university, by producing passionate and educated alumni. As a student, that is what I like to see.

So if you were at the carnival, find a club, get involved, make friends, make a difference on campus, and have a lot of fun. I promise, four years will fly by, and you do not want to miss out!



By Beth Holz


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