Sigma Alpha Retreat

Last weekend, Sigma Alpha met for their annual fall retreat. Fall retreat is an opportunity to spend a significant amount of time on the projects and goals Sigma Alpha will be encountering in the upcoming year.

It started out with a mixer, where girls drew pictures and explained the activities of their summer.

Alex is drawing a picture of her summer, which included a trip to Puerto Rico and visiting home in Chicago.

Natalie Laubner shares about her summer at Phizer Animal Health while Deanna listens intently.

Then the committees; social, fundraising, recruitment, and professional met to discuss the plans for the following year. Ideas such as an etiquette dinner for a professional event and a boot raffle for fundraising were discussed.

Recruitment committee meets, brainstorming ideas to attract a great MC class


Social committee plans fun activities for the year, such as a clothing swap, super sisterhood day, and family day

Next, Lauri Baker, from the Agricultural Communications department shared knowledge about social media, and many different ways we can improve our online presence.

Lauri Baker shares about many online communication tools we can use to market ourselves better

We were lucky to be able to meet a few of our alumni. We brainstormed ideas and discussed ways the alumni chapter could help show support to the collegiate chapter. The alumni also provided us with a tasty lunch from Rays Apple Market!

Jessica Solo and one of our alum posing for a pretty picture after lunch

Brandy was tired from all the hard work that morning

We went over some loose ends, like discussing recruitment plans and going over bi-law changes, and then it was time for more fun. We played a fun mixer game called people to people, basically a form of human twister. The pictures show the fun that everyone had.

Robin tried to explain the game, keyword: tried.

Thumb to ear

Nose to finger, knee to foot

Hand to hand, ear to shoulder

Retreat went exceptional this year, and it has gotten the girls very excited for the upcoming activities this semester!


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