From the President’s Desk

Hey!  I am Jessie Zimmerman and I currently serve as the Alpha Omega chapter president!  I am a junior in Agronomy with the Plant Science and Biotechnology option.  I grew up on a farm thirty miles south of Manhattan with wheat, milo, soybeans, forages, and Angus cattle.  I joined Sigma Alpha because I wanted to be involved in a group of women interested in agriculture and being advocates for the agriculture industry.  This spring the opportunity came up to apply for an office in Sigma Alpha and I picked president as my number one choice.  I jumped at the chance because I love Sigma Alpha and my sisters.  Last year I served as our treasurer and I decided I wanted to take on more responsibility in our chapter this year.

My number one responsibility is to make sure our chapter runs smoothly.  I preside over our weekly meetings and I am the main contact in the sorority.  I am in charge of organizing our chapter retreats also.  Currently I am putting together our Fall retreat where we will gain experience in social networking, get to know our alumni chapter better, and bond with sisters again after summer.  I am very excited to see the members again!

I have one main goal this year.  I want to lead our chapter to achieving the vision we have to be female advocates for the agricultural community.  Recently social networking has become a huge part of the agriculture advocacy push.  Between Twitter, blogs, and electronic newsletters, up-to-date information about agriculture comes out at all times of the day.  This information can be positive or negative.  This is why it is important to publish the real story.  The past year or so we have focused on getting the Sigma Alpha name known around campus.  In March we put together a Give Thanks to Agriculture day.  It was a great success.  We collected fun freebies from organizations around the area and handed them out to anyone that walked by in the Union.  We also handed out agriculture facts to show students how cool agriculture can be.  I would like to put this event on again this Spring.

This year I would like to get our chapter more involved in our national philanthropy, Ag in the Classroom.  I was involved in this program when I was in high school and enjoyed it quite a bit.  This is a great opportunity to educate the public about agriculture.  School kids are always eager to learn more, especially if it involves a snack.

I am very excited to be in this position and see what the year has in store!

God Bless,
Jessie Zimmerman

By Jessie Zimmerman


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