New Beginnings

Tomorrow at 7:00 pm in Weber 146 official marks the start of Sigma Alpha’s fall recruitment!

Recruitment is one of my favorite times of the year! This is an opportunity to get to know great new girls and get fresh ideas from new members.

2010 Fall Recruitment activity, we danced the evening away!

Girls are debating the dance they will make to Antenna's Up odd techno song---song choice compliments of Beth Holz

80's night!

See you at the informational meeting tonight?

Our recruitment chair has many fun activities planned for next week. Come to a BBQ to receive free food and play outside games—Costume night with games and Wii to test run your halloween costume—Dinner at La Fiesta for to get to know everyone even better!

As you can  see, recruitment is a fun time for our chapter. If you are considering being apart of it, show up at Weber 146 tomorrow at 7:00 pm to learn more. I promise you, recruitment week will be fun and help you get to know lots of new girls!

See you tomorrow,

Beth Holz

By Beth Holz


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