Fundraising Chair

Hi all,

I am really excited to be Fundraising Chair this year! My main responsibility is to make sure that Sigma Alpha has money coming in so we can afford to do things as an organization. I also coordinate events and activities to make it happen.  My goal is to incorporate new ideas this year that can also be fun to raise money for Sigma Alpha. Last year Sigma Alpha held a boot raffle at Cattlemen’s Day that was very successful. I would like to continue this tradition for the upcoming year because it was effective and a great atmosphere to be around. At Fall Retreat, there was discussion about an Alumni raffle drawing. We would essentially send raffle tickets to Alumni so they could be involved in our fundraising no matter how far they are from Manhattan.  Another idea was a cookbook filled with favorite recipes from active members as well as Alumni. This would be a great keepsake for all of us that can be used and shared for a very long time. I am very eager to get these ideas rolling and make this a successful year! I would gladly accept any other fundraising ideas anyone might have to help us be even more successful.

Fun Fact: Cattle are probably the oldest of all forms of money!

Take care,

Jessica Solo


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  1. Love the cookbook idea! Keep up the great work!

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