Innovation Breeds Excellence

Above is the current slogan for Accelerated Genetics, the beef and dairy semen sales company that I worked for this summer in Baraboo, Wisc. (about an hour from Madison.)

(Background on the semen industry: Farmers and ranchers breed their cows with semen collected from elite bulls to give them access to the best genetics in the industry without making a huge investment on a bull themselves.)

Before I got to the land of cheese, I really didn’t know what I would be doing, other than “marketing and communications work” for the beef division. Pretty broad if you ask me…

I started with some press releases, and my projects got continually more complex. And for those of you with any design experience, I got REALLY familiar with InDesign REALLY fast.

Besides some other design work, and my first nationally syndicated advertisements (I had ads in Angus Journal, Red Angus Magazine and Livestock Plus), I also got to travel and try my hand at photography. Little did I know, I would become best friends with a Canon Rebel!


The advertisement I made for Red Angus Magazine


I spent about two weeks on the road, first traveling to VA, WV, MD & PA. to ride with our district manager in that area, Robert Whitacre. He showed me around some beautiful country, and some even more beautiful Angus cattle. Despite the recent outbreak of pink eye in the area and my constant battle with carsickness from driving in the mountains, I LOVED what I saw!

This is 014AN00317 Poss Total Impact, I snapped this picture at North American Breeders in Virginia. Total Impact is the #1 $B Bull in the Angus Breed. This picture is currently being used by Accelerated Genetics in their marketing campaign.

 Three days later, I was back in the Madison airport, bound for Denver, CO.  Here I met up with Harold Miller, a Regional Beef Specialist with the company. We toured around the state for four days, looking at herds of every breed and color. Harold and I continue to keep in contact, as he also serves as a herd consultant, assisting farmers and ranchers with breeding decisions.

This picture was taken at Coleman Herefords in Westcliffe, Colorado. This little heifer calf is sired by one of Accelerated’s horned Hereford bulls, 175E.

 I got to learn SO much about the commercial cattle industry, and really reinforced what I had learned in my Farm Animal Repro class I took at K-State. Before this internship, I was certain that I needed to stay in school and get a graduate degree or two. Now, I’m not so sure … maybe industry is the place for me?

If anyone is interested in this internship, or another internship with the company, I invite you to check the website: and look under the company tab for the internship page. They offer about 9 summer internships a summer, and have many possible jobs for someone interested in the beef, dairy or semen collecting business.



By Robin Kleine


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