Ag Fact of the Week #1

Hi!  My name is Becca Landgraf and I’m starting a new thing on the blog called Ag-Fact of the Week.  I will post an Agriculture fact every Monday and I want all of you that read this blog to spread that Ag fact around to anyone and everyone the whole week!  I would like to start this because I feel there are a lot of people out there that don’t know enough about Agriculture.  This is a great way to spread Agriculture Awareness out there in the world today!  So here goes the first fact!


Kansas is the number one wheat producing state.  Nearly one fifth of all of the wheat grown in the United States is grown in Kansas.  On average Kansas farmers produce 400 million bushels of wheat each year.  This production value is over $1 billion dollars.  Who knew that Kansas could produce all of this wheat!

Now spread it!!!

By Becca Landgraf


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