18th Annual Accelerated Genetics Dairy Judging Contest

Hello everyone!

We will be following our judging teams throughout their season. The Dairy Judging Team went to their first contest September 18th, in Viroqua, Wisc. At the Vernon County Fair.

We left Manhattan Thursday afternoon, and spent the night in Grand Junction, Iowa … home of Beth Holz! Her parents hosted the team for the night, and her mom spoiled us with delicious food! She even made dairy cow cookies, and her brother James named them all. (Note From Beth: James is 25 years old)

Flo, Mable, Iris, Ida & Hattie were all yummy! Plus, it was great to meet some of the team’s family.

From there, we had two practice farms in NE Iowa on Friday. The team got to evaluate some excellent Holstein, Milking Shorthorn and Brown Swiss cows. We also got to be tourists and stop at the Field of Dreams movie site.

Here’s the team on the field. Silly boys!

On Saturday, we practiced in SW Wisconsin. We saw a stellar group of Jerseys, Brown Swiss and Guernsey cattle. Plus, all the farms were very hospitable and enjoyed spoiling us with treats.

Here’s the team taking notes as they evaluate a class of Jersey cows.

 Sunday was contest day! The team judged 10 classes and gave 5 sets of reasons.

Kansas State University ended up 7th overall, 4th in reasons and 5th in Jerseys.

Back Row L to R: Coach Jon Pretz, Amanda Miskiel, Matt Brandt, Nathaniel McGee, Beth Holz and Assistant Coach Robin Kleine. Front Row L to R: Sarah Harris, Jennifer Wyatt.

 Congratulations to the team, and best of luck! The next contest is Oct. 3rd in Madison, Wisc. At World Dairy Expo. I promise to post the results as well!


By Robin Kleine



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