Aqua Zumba

How many Sigma Alpha-ers does it take to complete AquaZumba? Well, I’m not really sure; we ended up doing Water Aerobics instead! I’m just still hoping everyone made it out of there alive.

Left to Right: Holly Guge, Sarah Harris, Brandy Cleveland, and Tara Ediger

An exercise meant for older women (I’m referencing the instructor here), we got the chance to strut our stuff in that class. The trick is to keep your shoulders as far under water as you can for more “strenuous” workout. I had trouble even finding my pulse, for the record.

Workin' it in the water

But it was a night of sisterhood, laughing, and enjoying the water. It was definitely an adventure that all should try! And afterwards, we took a shot at high dives. At least some of us did. Some of us are still tweaking swimming, so never mind the diving!

Divin' right in!

Working out?


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One response to “Aqua Zumba

  1. Tara Ediger

    Definitely a great night with the sisters!!! my head hurt so bad from diving on the high dive!!

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