1st Vice President

Hello All-

I’m Natalie Laubner, your 1st Vice President for the 2011-2012 year. It is an honor to be serving in this capacity as a sister in agriculture. With Fall 2011 starting off to be a busy year, tonight marks the first night since August that I have a free night and blogging sounds like the perfect idea! I have many goals and obligations I’d like to fulfill this year. I have got a lot of advice from fellow members, advisers and alumni to make sure that this year is a great year. The following are some of the goals I hope to accomplish:

v Coordinate “Give Thanks for Agriculture” once a semester

  • This day is associated to inform the public about where there food comes from. As agriculturists, we are trying to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. I hope to get a good booth in the KSU Union where there is a lot of traffic to educate as many individuals as possible.

v Getting sisters to National Convention in 2011

  • National Convention this year will take place in Arlington, Virginia. It’s vital to our chapter that we have a great representation of what we do in our sorority and have girls there to be the liaison between nationals and our chapter to inform the rest of us with the latest happenings.

v Apply for as many awards and grants as possible

  • Monsanto is currently giving out Professional Development Grants to clubs and organizations to provide additional opportunities to further the development of excellence in women pursuing careers in agriculture.

v Keep up with the blog by blogging twice a month as an individual officer giving updates regularly

  • I’ve always heard the saying “maintaining a blog is like being in a relationship.” Most relationships have to entail commitment, love, etc… and a blog is no different. This is why I hope to blog twice a month at least and I hope my sisters do the same.

v Maintain parliamentary procedure rules in the case of overseeing meetings in the absence of the president

  • Parliamentary procedure has played a huge role in my life as a leader. After all, how could meetings be efficient without the use of parli pro?

v PROMOTE our sorority

  • Our members are doing a great job of promoting who we are. However, we still have students and faculty ask “Who’s Sigma Alpha?” We hope we can take advantage of the opportunities that arise by giving Sigma Alpha a name to who we are.


  • Agvocate-a combination term of advocate and agriculture. Although the College of Ag is the largest college on campus, we still have many people (within the College of Ag or not) that aren’t aware how imperative agriculture is. A great tip I got at the National Beef Ambassador contest was whether your waiting in line at the grocery store or out to dinner, share your story on how you got involved or contribute to agriculture, whether you come from a farm or not. You never know when you’re going to change someone’s eating habits, lifestyle or there life in general.

Thanks for listening~









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