How to Treat Others

At our National Chapter Visit, our national contact, Rebecca, had us talk about ways to encourage our sisters.

So, we did what any organized group would do — we compiled a list:

·   Recognize jobs well done & hard work


·   Sister of the Month

·   Birthday celebrations

·   Secret Sister / Secret Santa

·   Introduce Sigma Alphas to your other friends

·   Acknowledge sisters outside of chapter

·   Don’t be frugal with compliments

·   Stay up-to-date on each others’ lives

·   Coffee Dates

·   Thank you notes

·   Reach outside your “clique”

·   Spend time with Sigma Alphas outside of class

I love giving, receiving, even buying thank you cards! Nothing makes my day more than finding personalized mail in my mailbox!

These ideas can go outside Sigma Alpha and be applied to every day life. Now go on, get going and make someone’s day!

 For fun ideas to do with the cards once you get them, check out Crystal Cattle’s Blog here.




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