Creating Candyland

I finally assembled my costume!…The day I was due to wear it, but I completed it nevertheless. I’m happy to report that I believe the costume was a success. I put about six or seven hours of work into it, and conned my very helpful boyfriend into assisting me. So I would advise anyone else looking to make their own costume to start earlier than the day you plan to wear it. Annnnnd now I present more tips!

Avoid sewing if you can.

I chose to sew a pretty good amount of my costume, and I think that was what took up a lot of time. The skirt alone was about two hours of hand sewing.


If you’re short on time, go for ready-to-wear components when you’re purchasing items for your costume.

I considered making the candy to put on the dress….and I did to some extent, but mostly I just bought mass quantities of candy and glued them to the dress. It doesn’t get any more realistic than that!

Remember to order any online items way ahead of time.

I really wanted a light purple wig to complete the costume…but I erroneously assumed I could find one in a local store, so I never ordered it. By the time I realized none of the wigs I saw at stores would work, there was no way to get the wig on time without astronomical shipping costs. Regular hair it was.


Accessorizing is an easy way to really complete an outfit and make it look like you put a great deal of thought into it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. When I decided to re-construct Katy Perry’s Candyland look, I knew from the beginning I wasn’t going to try to find similar shoes to the ones she wears. Where else would I wear metallic green heels? Instead, I took some of my own heels and hot-glued peppermints, butterscotch candies, and gum drops to them. I did the same with a necklace I already had and some of my earrings too.

The finishing touch on for my look was to paint my fingernails and dip them in candy sprinkles.

Hopefully this will help in your own costume-making endeavors, or if not, was at least an interesting read. Thanks for reading!

By Autumn Schobert



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