Bowling for a Cause and Fun!

This month for sisterhood, we had a great opportunity not only to bond but to help with a great cause. A cause our chapter feels strongly about as we also participate in raising money for cancer awareness. Phi Eta Sigma hosted a Bowl-A-Thon at the KSU Bowling Lines on Tuesday, November 1, all the proceeds of the event supporting the Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research (whom we volunteer once a year to help with their Pink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness).

At this great event, we entered 3 teams of 4 members, each team was allowed a warm-up for 5 minutes and then we bowled two games. At the end of the tournament they added together all of the scores and gave prizes to the top three teams. Along with this the night started off with entering your name in a random drawing for some awesome prizes! Unfortunately only one of our girls, Gina, won a prize from the random drawings, but that did not stop Brandy from winning prizes for being the first to bowl a strike, twice!!

Along with finding out that if you offer a prize, Brandy will bowl some strikes, we learned a few other things about each other. Such as:

*Tara’s family loves to bowl! They have a bowling team and she is pretty good at it herself!

*While being dedicated to spending time with our sisters, we also can multitask and study for tests or grade papers.

* Everyone likes to bust a move on the dance floor when they play random songs. I personally learned a new dance move from Sarah Jane… something about catching it and passing it along the line… it was pretty neat; just remember you have to have good timing!

*We tried to help each other learn how to bowl better and try not to get so many “gutter” balls or for some they bowled the best they ever had that night.

But mainly, overall, it was a great night with lots of laughter and support for each other.

OH! And the most memorable moment of the night besides all of the laughing, dancing and just enjoying each other was when they announced the winners… and the last place got a prize too… well that last place was one of our teams! But hey… we enjoyed it and they won little bowling sets to practice on!

**Sisterhood is a time to bond with one another outside of chapter and to learn more about one another. It is a time for stress-relieve and some would say, “a small break from school and work” to relax and enjoy times with your sisters. Our chapter does this once a month.


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