Life of a Coach

So I’m trying something new — serving as the Assistant Coach of the KSU Dairy Judging Team. I loved my time spent on the team; I learned SO much about myself and the dairy industry as a whole!
Now, coaching is an entirely different process. Sure, I’m still judging cows and heifers, but I also get to teach the other K-State judgers how to defend their placings using oral reasons. As a communications major, talking has never been hard for me … but learning dairy terms proved to be challenging.


This past weekend, I coached the Kansas 4-H Dairy Judging Team at the NAILE (North American International Livestock Exposition) in Louisville, Ky. They are a very talented group of college freshmen! These three individuals all grew up on dairies, so they know plenty about cows, but it was my job to fine-tune their reasons. I’m happy to report that they did great, and finished 9th overall in the contest, 5th in reasons, and placed in the top 10 in 3 separate breeds! Additionally, a few individuals got their names called individually!

The team at the awards breakfast (L to R): Myself, Darren Mueller, Andrea Steenbock and Maggie Seiler.

We even made time for some sightseeing while in Louisville! We went to Churchhill Downs and took in a few horse races as part of the Breeder’s Cup weekend. Here’s some of the teams’ shenanigans!




By Robin Kleine


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