My Last First Day of School

My whole life, my main responsibility has been going to school and class. Today, I find myself experiencing my very last first day of school. For those of you that have faced graduation, I am sure you understand the feeling of bittersweet I find myself experiencing.

I graduate this May and come June, I will be experiencing my first day of my “big kid job.” Firsts and lasts are a natural part of our lives, and they cause a reaction called the reflection. On my last first day of school, I find myself doing a lot of reflecting about my Kansas State and Sigma Alpha experience.

1.) Kansas State University really does feel like a family and Manhattan feels like a second home.

Between the friends, organizations, professors, and competition teams, Kansas State has become like a family to me. The closeness I feel with the goings-on of the university is definately something I am going to take with me—if I live here in Manhattan, KS, Manhattan, NY—-or even Eads, CO.

2.) Sigma Alpha has taught me how to “roll with the punches” and accept change.

With new members, new leadership, and adding advisors throughout the years, our chapter redefines itself every semester. Being apart of this organization has taught me that change can be good, and it is important for me to be involved in the change of the chapter. I am no longer stuck in the “this is how we used to do it”, and I embrace old traditions and new ideas. Seeing our chapter change, learn, and grow has been fullfilling, as well as embracing my new changing role as a freshman member to a senior.

3. I love the girls who share the same passion as me, and the support we lend each other through new adventures.

Not only have Sigma Alpha girls become my closest friends on campus, but they have supported me through many struggles and triumphs in my college career. Between looking for my first job to helping me pass my tougher classes throughout the years, these girls have kept me on my toes—and sometimes my schedule. Not only have they helped me personally, but they have given me the opportunity to do projects and events creatively. Through Sigma Alpha, I have been able to grow my professional experiences and portfolio. Opportunites have presented themselves through this organizations that I never would have experienced without the support of my fellow sisters.

Hopefully as everyone experiences their firsts and their lasts and their last firsts in life, we can all reflect on everything we have gained from each other in these experiences. I know that the girls of Sigma Alpha and the family I’ve found at Kansas State has made my last first day here a very bittersweet moment.


Beth Holz



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