Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza

Monday, January 23, 2012 marked the first official day of Sigma Alpha recruitment week.

Girl’s gathered in Call Hall 205 on campus for a dessert bar and a scavenger hunt. Four girls attended who were interested in joining Sigma Alpha, and several active members attended to participate.

The evening began with a get to know you activity, where girls introduced themselves so that all actives and new recruits could learn to put faces with names. After the introductory activity girls gathered into four teams, and each team was given a paper with fun facts about some of the girls in the sorority. Active members who gave their fun facts to Tara Ediger, recruitment chair, were then sent to the halls of Call Hall to hide so that the teams would have to search the girls out. Teams set out on a mission to find which girl belonged with which fun fact. It was a great way to learn more about the members of Sigma Alpha, and I found that I learned something new about each one of my sisters. I hope that the new recruits enjoyed the activity as much as I did. The girls gathered back in Call 205 to eat the desserts that everyone brought, which included everything from cake to brownies. Overall the evening was a fun way to bond with everyone.

Hopefully anyone interested in Sigma Alpha that wasn’t able to attend the first night of recruitment or information night can attend the Hot Chocolate Social tomorrow evening on campus.

Warm regards,

Bridget Hoover

By Bridget Hoover


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