Hot Chocolate Social

On Tuesday, January 24, 2012 the College of Agriculture held a Hot Chocolate Social event in Waters hall so that new or returning students that wanted to get more involved or find a club right for them, they could. Several clubs attended setting up their fliers or booths for students to familiarize themselves with their club. Active members from Sigma Alpha set up a display board to inform girls about our recruitment week this week in case other’s missed fliers or the informational meeting. Some of the actives in attendance were Natalie Laubner, Tara Ediger, Kaitlin Morgan, Elaine VenJohn, Jessica Solo, and Sammi Boyajian. The social was a great way for students to become interactive with other clubs on campus, including Sigma Alpha, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, Rodeo Club, and multiple others set up throughout Waters Hall. Although I wasn’t able to be a part of Sigma Alpha’s informational booth, I was able to be there as a representative with Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, and got great joy in informing others about what we do. I highly encourage everyone to attend this event in the future if the College of Agriculture continues to provide it, even if you don’t find a club right for you, you are still able to network with other wonderful students at Kansas State University. Wednesday evening will be a professional Sigma Alpha meeting at 6:00pm in the Union Big 12 Room, following will be a dinner at La Fiesta. I hope that all of our new recruits are able to attend so that we actives can keep getting to know you better. Good luck on your recruitment journeys this week and may they be as fun as my experience with Sigma Alpha has been thus far.

In Sisterhood,

Bridget Hoover


By Bridget Hoover


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