Skydiving – Extreme Sport

Have you ever wanted to do something for a really long time and then on impulse decided you were going to? Well, that is what it felt like when I decided to go skydiving. In mid February I decided that I was going to go ahead and skydive, and just had to figure out when and where. I seen advertisements all over campus for the K-State Skydiving club, and decided to sign up for a time in April. On April 27th, all students who had signed up for the class met at the Union for a four hour training session over how to exit the plane, what the difference between problems and malfunctions were along with how to pull your reserve chute if needed. Saturday, April 28th, was the big day, we had a few more hours worth of hands on training, covering everything from jumping to landing, and practicing Parachute Landing Falls or PLF’s. A PLF was a technique shown to us for how to distribute your weight when you land so that you’re not putting all the pressure on one part of the body and potentially injuring yourself.

Finally, it was my turn to go up in the airplane and jump. I had never been in an airplane before and we crammed 5 people, including the pilot, into a small Cessna. We climbed altitude to 3500 feet and then it came time to open the door so that I could climb out onto the strut of the plane. By this time my adrenaline was definitely pumping and once I was hanging from the plane all that was left to do was let go. Wind sent me through the air at approximately 120mph, according to our instructors in class. The only way to describe skydiving is like sitting on a swing without being attached to the whole set, and it was over in 5 minutes. Being that high up gives you an awesome “birds eye” view of everything around you. Landing the parachute was easier than expected with right and left turns and braking into the wind. I had so much fun doing it that I plan on trying to get my next 5 jumps in and learning how to pull my own chute instead of having a line attached to the airplane do it for me. Eventually, I would love to have an instructors license and teach others how to do it. I highly recommend anyone thinking about doing it to do it because you will have a blast!

In Sisterhood,

Bridget Hoover


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