HELLO Summer!!!

If there is one thing that I can get excited about it is summer!!!  I enjoy being outside, grilling, and spend time with my family.  After a long hard two semesters at college, with A LOT of schoolwork, I am looking forward to just having some time off.  This summer my plans are a little different, I have accepted an internship with Nationwide Agrisurance.  Nationwide Agrisurance is a specialized insurance company that gives specialized programs to agricultural related businesses.  Have you ever heard the commercial? “Nationwide is on your side!”

This is a very exciting opportunity for me.  I will be driving around Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado to give out on farm surveys to the policy holders.  After I complete the surveys I will be writing reports about how we can better their policy and what hazards these farms might have in the future that we can prevent.  Now for some of you, you might be thinking who would want to spend that much time on the road, I am super excited because be getting out and branding myself with these farms.  It will also give me the opportunity to help them with their insurance plans for the future.  You’re also talking to a girl who can’t sit in an office all day and stare at a computer.  I’m just ready to hit the road and see where it will take me.  I left for training in Des Moines on the 13th of May and will start with some accounts right after my training.

Besides working I hope to have a little fun this summer too.  My family and I will be driving all the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for my cousin’s graduation.  I have a feeling it could be one long drive but I am prepared to take my turn when the time comes.

After all of these exciting plans I will start my senior year of college in August.  Wow!!  I will be serving as 2nd Vice President of Sigma Alpha.   It will be busy once again with classes and schoolwork.

Have a great summer!!

Becca Landgraf


Congratulations on your internship opportunity Becca! We look forward to hearing about your experiences.

In sisterhood,

Bridget Hoover



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  1. Casey Droddy

    That sounds like a great summer Becca, very cool! 🙂

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