IGP, Albuquerque, and Galveston!

Casey Droddy
Junior in Agricultural Communications &  Journalism and Animal Science & Industry

This summer Casey was an intern at the International Grains Program in Manhattan, Kan. with the communications team. Casey publicized for IGP, interviewed course participants, took photos, and wrote feature stories.

“I have had the opportunity to meet people all over the world that are involved in the grain industry,” Casey says.

When not working at IGP full time Casey also worked a part time job in Manhattan that kept her busy!

“I did get a vacation though! I spent a week in Galveston, TX with my best friend and relaxed! It was nice to have a break,” Casey says.

In August, Casey also attended Ag Media Summit in Albuquerque with the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow club through K-State. During her free summer hours Casey was either at the lake soaking up the sun, seeing her family when she could, and played in the Manhattan Ultimate (Frisbee) Summer League!

We look forward to seeing you Casey, sounds like you had a great summer!

In Sisterhood,

Bridget Hoover


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