The Land Down Under


Shelby Droddy
Junior in Agribusiness 


To start the summer off Shelby went to Australia with the Animal Science Beef and Sheep tour. It also happened to be her first trip abroad. From Melbourne to Wagga Wagga to Sydney to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef along with the small towns in between her group and her saw so much of Australia.

“It was the most incredible experience I’ve had, and the only thing I would change would be making it longer!” Shelby said.

Throughout those places, the group visited several sheep and cattle production farms. JBS and Cargill were two of Shelby’s favorite places to see along with Charles Sturt University. They had the honor of speaking with the owners and managers of the farms, and professors at the University about the industries from the business and consumer perspective.

Although the trip was very educational, they also had the opportunity to be tourists. From the night life to a dinner cruise around the Sydney Harbor, the students enjoyed the tourist version of the trip as well.

Even though the trip only lasted two weeks, Shelby now has memories that will last a lifetime and even more motivation to travel the world. If you want to see what her day to day life was like in Australia you can check out her blog at The blog starts with the 15 hour flight and goes on to share her scuba diving adventure in the Great Barrier Reef.

“It was the best experience for my future agriculture career and for getting to know all the great people who went,” Shelby says. “This trip has opened up an entirely new avenue for me to explore and I couldn’t be more excited!”

After returning to reality Shelby went back to working her two jobs, her K-State position at the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education and at Hastings, and enjoyed the rest of her summer with friends and family!


Sounds like a fantastic trip and your blog was great!

In Sisterhood,

Casey Droddy


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