Who says you can’t save!?

Savings Tips:

Hey everyone! No one is exempt from these penny pinching, wallet zipping, Scrooge McDuck living times. So here are a few tips that I found very helpful to create a better budget for all of us!

-Call your utility companies to make sure you’re getting the best rate, and to make sure you really need all the services you’re paying for like call waiting or premium cable channels. A few phone calls usually yields savings of $15 a month!

-Do you know the best times of the year to buy for maximum savings? Fall is the best time to buy a grill because stores need to make room for Christmas merchandise!

-When grocery shopping, buy store brands, this alone will cut your grocery bill by 25%!

-Stop buying bottled water! A case of bottled water is about $5 per week, $20 a month and $240 a year! Instead, try using a refillable one instead. Like our new EA bottles 🙂

-Don’t forget about Groupon.com for huge savings on fun things to do here in Manhattan or wherever you are!

-Pay your bills online! Save trees, save stamps, save money!

Here is where I got these tips, and there are a LOT more on this website!

Happy savings!


In Sisterhood,

Sammi Boyajian


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