Fall Into Autumn With Louisburg Cider Mill

One of the perks of being a food science major is visiting and touring all types of food production facilities. It can’t get much better right? Recently in one of my classes, we took a trip to the Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, Kansas. I grew up about 20 miles south of the cider mill and have been in love with the homey atmosphere and the wonderful products they make. Some of my favorites that are very popular are their apple cider, cider donuts, Lost Trail root beer, and fruit butters.

It all started in the summer of 1977 when there was no more than a neglected hay barn in a rural Kansas field. After  restoring the barn, the first jug of apple cider was produced and began the entire operation out of the barn. In 1978 the neighbor’s barn was bought and reconstructed next to the original barn and turned into a Country Store. The classic, old hay barn and its 80 acres is still where the apples are pressed. The old-fashioned taste and down home feel is what I love best about Louisburg Cider Mill.

The apple cider is made from apples grown along the Missouri River and isn’t made from concentrate or watered down. The apple cider is pasteurized and made from only apples grown in good old USA. MSNBC picked Louisburg Cider Mill as one of the top 10 cider mills in America!

Lost Trail root beer is one of the products of the Lost Trail line with an Old West them inspired by the travels of one of the owners’ great-great grandfather on the Santa Fe Trail. The soda treats are locally brewed by a “small batch” process, giving the draft style soda an old fashioned taste and high quality.

The fruit butters that they make come in a variety of flavors including apple, peach, and pumpkin. Peach is my favorite! Fruit butters fall into the same category as jams and jellies, but they have their own bit of personality with various spices. Louisburg Cider Mill carries on the early American tradition of the open kettle method for their fruit butters.

In the Country Store, you can find merchandise and other wonderful products including cookbooks, salsa and BBQ sauces, dip mixes, fruit preserves, dry goods, and much more. You can always count on getting a little taste of home with any of their products. Along with the cider mill and country store, sits a pumpkin patch and corn maze for families to enjoy. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by Louisburg Cider Mill. It’s a great place to see!

Visit their website for more info on their events and goodies at www.louisburgcidermill.com/

In Sisterhood,

Jessica Solo


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