Christmas Book Review!

Christmas break is finally here and we will finally have some free time to READ!  So here is a prospective list of some great books I have read recently.  Get your cup of hot tea (or coffee), you comfy sweat pants, and your favorite blanket ready to enjoy a great book on a cold day

201110-the-best-of-me1. The Love Story

“The Best of Me,” by Nicholas Sparks.  This is a great love story about high school lovers that drift apart due to family reputations.  Several years later a mutual friend passed away leaving everything to the women and man, who have not seen each other in again it captures the reader in an amazing love story.  You will never predict the twist that happens that allows the two lovers to be in each other’s lives forever.  This is a great day read, you will get hooked and never want to put it down.

2. Murder MysteryGirl with Dragon Tattoo book0001

“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” by Stieg Larson.  The book definitely isn’t for someone who can’t handle crime shows.  A journalist known for digging up the hidden part of stories was charged for false accusation without proof.  Before serving his jail sentence he agrees to help a very wealthy corporation guy figure out what happened to his niece so many years ago.  The journalist has no idea what dirt he is going to discover about this “perfect” family.  With the help of a young lady labeled as an outcast in society, the family mystery is solved.  With a weird love story along with gruesome murders makes for a very interesting read.

3. Humorous Autobiography

betty“If You Ask Me,” by Betty White.  We all know Betty White is one of the most hilarious old ladies left in our world today.  From her lead role in the hit TV series “The Golden Girls” to her recent appearance as the adorable grandma on “The Proposal” she has been around to entertain us for many years.  This book is a general timeline of her life.  Within the book you get to see humor, love, and compasion.  She explains the more important moments of her life like her parents, her husband, and her animals.  This book was such an easy read and it really makes you think about a few things in your life.

In Sisterhood,

Tara Ediger


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