Cure for a Boring Summer


So as you all probably know, summer is right around the corner. Literally; it’s so close I can smell it! I’m weird I know; maybe I can’t actually smell it, but summer is coming soon. And what’s better way to celebrate this wonderful time of year, than to write a smallish list of some great fun that can be had over your summer break?

I have become accustomed to calling my summer a break and not a vacation anymore and I’m not so sure if I like this change. But regardless of what we all call this time we have during the two months of summer, I wrote a list. (I love lists, I always feel so accomplished when I can check off a project completed).

My list of things to do over the summer:

  •  Go on a nature walk
  •  Camping (with a tent and fire)  oh, and s’mores!!! Like ten of them
  • Swim in a pool
  • Swim in a lake or grimy pond (fish are friends, not food; that kind of applies here, right?)
  • Go on a picnic anywhere; backyard, front yard, park, anywhere that it’s ok to eat food on a blanket
  • Read a book; the whole book
  • Work in a garden
  • Eat a Popsicle or two
  • Visit with your extended family members
  • Blow something up! (Like a firecracker)
  • Watch a sunset
  • Play catch; baseball, football, Frisbee, you name it
  • Star gaze


Oh and I forgot to add ENJOY YOUR SUMMER. As the years pass by, I get older (I know, duh), but what I mean is that I am also getting wiser and I’m realizing that my fun summers are getting close to not being as much fun.  Soon we will all graduate and have big girl jobs that demand our time constantly, so let’s all try to live up the last few days, months, or years that we all have left of our college years!


Oh, I almost forgot, don’t let this list limit the great things you can and will do this summer; expand upon it, rewrite it, and make it way better than my list I just gave you.


Have a great summer!

In Sisterhood,

Mackenzie Mortimer


Edited by: Koryn Reece


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