Landing Your Dream Internship!

Landing Your Dream Internship!

Summer Is Around The Corner!

Hello Sisters! Here are some good tips I read to land that awesome internship you’ve been wanting for Summer 2013!

1. Master the Art of the Cover Letter: The surest way to make your resume disappear into the email black-hole is to not attach a cover letter with it. A cover letter sets your application a part from the rest so don’t forget it. And always make sure to personalize the letter (Dear Mrs. X or Dear Hiring Manager) as it shows you didn’t just send your resume off on a massive BCC chain email.

2. Be Passionate: There’s a look in their eye, an excited tone in their voice, a feeling of true nerd joy that fills our hearts the minute we come across them. It’s truly palpable and it’s what your future employer is looking for as well. We are true nerds of our profession and we are looking for talent who feels the same. If you don’t, it just won’t work.

3. Do Your Homework: The worst thing you can do going into an interview is to not know what is going on with the company in question. It makes it look as if you don’t care and aren’t interested. You should be familiar with their recent product launches, press placements, social media updates, and latest updates. All of these information can be found on the company’s website and only takes an hour for you to get caught up. But it really does pay off, especially when the manager asks if you saw the most recent news release and you can successful say yes and explain why you thought it was riveting.

4. Demonstrate Your Strong Oral/Written Communication skills: Every employer is looking for those students who can write and talk speak clearly. These written and oral communication skills are absolutely required in today’s professional field. If you can’t write and can’t talk effectively, you will have trouble not only getting your interview but keeping your internship as well. You have (or are pursuing) a college degree. Show off your skills and you will succeed. Fail to understand how to use spell check or how to punctuate your sentences properly and you will have a problem. Note: please have someone proofread your resume/cover letter. Spelling mishaps and grammar errors are non-negotiable.

5. Say yes. To everything. Yes, coffee runs and mucking stalls might seem fruitless but guess what? You are there to help out in every area. It may not be thrilling, it may even be draining, but it is your job to assist your manager in every way. Hopefully, your manager will see your enthusiasm and start giving you more important tasks. But you always have to start at the bottom.

Just remember, if you work hard, good things will happen.

In sisterhood,

Emily Knobbe

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