Don’t Stress Over Finals!

Don't Stress Over Finals!

Well, it’s getting to be that time of year again… FINALS! Everybody knows that the last couple of weeks of school is the most stressful time for a student-between studies, work and trying to have somewhat of a social life. Reducing stress during this time will not only help your mental state, but also your academics. Here are a few ideas to help relieve some of that unwanted stress:

1) Music- your favorite kind or just something completely off the wall. When studying I listen to “Pirates of the Caribbean” station on Pandora. This type of music is scientifically proven to help you remember more while studying.

2) Watch a movie- either a new one or an old favorite.

3) Go on a walk/run- get some fresh air and move around.

4) Take a hot shower- relax those muscles. Most people don’t have time during the day to take a minute for themselves, so use this time to clear your mind and try to start new!

5) Humor board on Pinterest (My personal favorite)- get a good laugh in before studying (or even while studying)

6) Have dinner with a friend

7) Take breaks during studying- don’t try to learn it all at once… it won’t happen!

I have found these to be very helpful for me, but remember they might not work for everybody. Give them a try, you never know! Good luck on finals everybody!

In Sisterhood,

Cheyenne Stephens

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May 8, 2013 · 12:54 PM

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