Little American Royal

Little American Royal

On May 20th the Little American Royal show was put on at Kansas State University! Sammi Boyajian, Nicole Armbrister, Kaci Rempe, and myself, Haley White all decided to show Bore goats in the show for the first time. This experience was nerve racking for everyone since we didn’t know much about showing goats. During the process of preparing the goats for show many funny memories were made. Some included getting drug through the dirt, goats jumping up to face level, and getting rammed from behind by a few goats.

However, on show day, the best memories were made! Sammi was showing her goat “LL cool G”, Nicole was showing “Beef”, Kaci was showing “Chompy”, and I was showing “Buck Wild”. While practicing on the back side of Weber before the show, Buck Wild decided to drag Kaci through the mud while going on an unplanned short run. Luckily he decided to come back just in time for the show! Beef decided to get a little dirty before the show by laying down every chance he got, but Nicole got him sparkly clean in time. In the show ring, all the handlers were smiling and the goats preformed wonderfully! I placed 2nd in the non-experience goat category!

In Sisterhood,

Haley White


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June 9, 2013 · 11:35 AM

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