The Cream of the “Crop”

Being a student at Kansas State presents millions of opportunities throughout your college career. I love the fact that I can take classes that I want to take and that interest me. Sometimes they turn out to be a drag, but other times they can be unexpectedly fun. Yes, I used the word fun.


Last semester, I had one of those unexpected fun classes. It was called Poultry Products Evaluation. While some of my friends were taking yoga and kickboxing for fun, I was learning to judge a chicken. As the class continued, I found out that there was an opportunity to be on the poultry judging team if I judged well compared to my classmates. Being the competitive person that I am, the challenge was accepted. I was chosen as an alternate for the team along with another one of our sisters Victoria Willis. The team comprised of 4 team members and 2 alternates.


Starting in November we traveled to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where the team placed 4th overall. The team competed against other teams whose specialties are in Poultry Science like Texas A&M, the University of Arkansas, Louisiana State University, and the University of Georgia. Then this April, the team made the journey down south to LSU for the spring contest. After 16 long hours in the van we finally arrived to get the job done. The team placed 2nd overall falling short to Texas A&M by only a few points.

Being on the judging team with so many great people has taught me that there is more to the college experience than just the bookwork. You have to do things that make you marketable to employers while having the time of your life. I am pleased to be returning to the poultry judging team to judge for real this time! Victoria Willis will also be returning with me. I can’t wait for all of the team bonding that we will get to enjoy. During those long van rides you get to learn a lot of things that you may or may not want to, but that makes the experience like it or not. K-State is a one of kind place to be, and while I may be literally feeling up a chicken to judge the quality it’s unexpectedly FUN!



In Sisterhood,

Jessica Solo


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July 21, 2013 · 6:57 PM

One response to “The Cream of the “Crop”

  1. Judging teams are a great way to open up opportunities for yourself in the future! I encourage all of you to look into one

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