Breakfast Bash!

Breakfast Bash!

Being a college student makes it kind of hard to eat breakfast every day, let alone eating a healthy breakfast. So here are some quick, easy, and healthy breakfast ideas to try out while you are on the go!

1.Fruit and Cheese
This can be as simple as slicing up an apple and buying cubed cheese from the store.

2.A waffle with peanut butter and fruit
Instead of putting syrup on a waffle, try putting peanut butter! This will increase your protein and decrease your sugar intake.

3.A plain cake doughnut with a side of almonds
Surprisingly enough, a plain cake doughnut is lower in calories compared to most muffins! The side of almonds will help with adding fiber to your diet.

4.A fiber bar and some yogurt
Make sure your fiber bar has a good amount of fiber and around 10 grams of protein.

5.Egg McMuffin
The egg McMuffin is only around 300 calories, which isn’t too bad since you are taking in a good about of protein. To decrease some calories, take off the bun on top.

6.Cereal with fruit
When picking out cereal, try to pick one that has a good amount of fiber and less sugar. This can be a quick and easy grab and go snack as well.

7.Whole wheat breakfast burrito
Be careful when picking out a tortilla, some can be outrageous in calories. A whole wheat tortilla is best. Just add a hard cooked egg, some bacon, maybe some salsa, and you are ready to go!

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In Sisterhood,

Haley White

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