National Chapter Visit

This past Saturday the ladies of the Alpha Omega chapter were privileged to participate in a visit from National Chapter. Sigma Alpha’s National Chapter only visits every two years so very few of our current members had experienced a visit previously. Our National Chapter representative was Angela Iacolucci and she facilitated Saturday’s activities.


Angela first has us each take a brown paper bag and write our names on them, coming up with an adjective that described us for each letter. These bags were placed on a back table and filled with positive comments from our sisters that were shared at the end of the day. Afterwards Angela went over the new bylaws and we split into groups to demonstrate our understanding by performing skits that showed what Sigma Alpha girls should NOT do. One group used props to pretend to paddle girls to show how hazing was inappropriate and another group conducted a business meeting that condoned a chapter led pub crawl. Both were excellent examples of inappropriate behavior for our chapter.

After lunch we did many more activities that helped us to get to know ourselves (such as filling out a survey to find out what type of bird you are) and our sisters by seeing that with a large number of owls we have many girls who prefer to logically solve problems. We engaged in a great deal of group discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of our chapter and proposed many solutions. One well discussed item was respecting our fellow sister’s time by getting information to each other by deadlines and delegating more tasks within the chapter and within committees so it’s not always one girl doing all the work.

Another activity we did was to try to plan a social, the catch was that each girl had a label placed on her hat that she could not see and we had to treat her as such during our discussion. Some labels included “Ignore me”, “Agree with everything I say”, “I don’t care about Sigma Alpha”, and “I was homecoming queen”. Although there were many confused reactions we all enjoyed finding out what our hats said.


At the very end of the day Angela had us all stand in a circle with a personal item we were asked to bring at our feet. She held the end of a ball of yarn, shared with us her personal item and threw the ball holding the end. Each of us took turns showing our item and saying why it was special to us and then threw the ball of yarn while still holding onto the unraveling piece. By the end of the activity we stood in a circle, most of us were crying after many touching stories and feelings had been shared, each holding a piece of yarn, all connected, all intertwined. This was to remind us that each of us is connected to our sisters and I don’t think there was a young lady in that room that didn’t feel like they were part of something truly special at that moment.

For those of us who participated, our National Visit not only gave us many ideas about how to better plan, coordinate and follow through with all of our goals, it also brought us closer to our sisters and made our chapter stronger.

A special thanks to Angela Iacolucci for sacrificing her Saturday for us, to the MC’s who didn’t have to come but chose to anyway, and to all the ladies who participated.  Let’s keep the good feelings, strength and momentum going!

In Sisterhood,

Ariel Whitely


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  1. Kelly Jo Osentoski

    Thanks for sharing your visit with us! Sounds like it was a very positive experience. Keep up the great work sisters!

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