It is just so EGGciting!!

It is just so EGGciting!!

This time last year I had the chance to represent Missouri at the National 4-H poultry and egg conference in the egg demonstration contest. I was lucky enough to take third in the nation but I picked up some interesting facts from my nifty EGGcyclopedia. Just because no one can have too many random facts here are some EGGcellent egg facts!

– The color of the yolk in a egg depends then hens diet.

– Companies feed marigold petals to hens to make sure the yolks are a golden yellow color.

– Around 10% of the world’s egg production is in the US.

-Most hens lay eggs between 7am and 11 am every day.

-Eggs contain 13 nutrients in one egg and only have around 70 calories per egg.

-Choline is a nutrient in eggs that can aid in fetal development!

-A chef’s hat is said to have a pleat for each of the many ways you can cook eggs.

Not only are eggs cool they are a cheap healthy food to eat! So don’t forget to enjoy an incredible edible egg!

In sisterhood,

Jessica Lehman


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November 3, 2013 · 10:52 AM

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